How to Tell If a Louis Vuitton Necklace is Real?

When it comes to luxury fashion items, there is no question that Louis Vuitton reigns supreme. But with such high prices tags, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you are getting the real thing. 

There are a few key ways to tell if a Louis Vuitton necklace is real. Look at the shape of the necklace. Authentic Louis Vuitton necklaces have a distinct shape that is easily recognizable

You can also tell if a necklace is fake by checking to see if it is made from high-quality materials. Louis Vuitton necklaces are typically made from gold, silver, or platinum, so any other material is likely a counterfeit. 

You can check the build quality of the necklace to see if it looks like it was professionally made. If the clasp looks flimsy or the chain appears poor quality, then it's likely a fake.

How Can You Tell If a Louis Vuitton is Real by Serial Number? 

When trying to determine whether or not a Louis Vuitton is real, there are ways you can determine the if it’s real or not

How Can You Tell If a Louis Vuitton is Real by Serial Number?

One of the most important things to look at is the serial number. This number can be found on a small leather tag sewn into the lining of the bag, and it should be easy to read. If the serial number is illegible or missing altogether, this is a sure sign that the bag is fake.

Another way to tell if a Louis Vuitton is real is by examining the stitching. The stitching on a genuine Louis Vuitton will be even and straight, with no loose threads. If you see any signs of poor craftsmanship, such as crooked stitching or fraying threads, this is another red flag that the bag may be fake.

Finally, take a close look at the materials used to make the bag. Authentic Louis Vuitton bags are made from high-quality materials like full-grain leather and durable canvas. If you notice any cheap-looking materials or workmanship, chances are good that you're looking at a knockoff bag.

What Color is the Inside of a Real Louis Vuitton?

When it comes to the inside of a Louis Vuitton bag, there are a few things you need to take into account. The first is the type of lining that was used when the bag was made. 

What Color is the Inside of a Real Louis Vuitton

Most Louis Vuitton bags are lined with either red or tan microfiber, which helps protect the contents of your bag from dirt and stains.

You may also find bags lined with canvas, leather, or even suede-like materials in some cases. The second thing to consider is the color of the stitching on the inside of your bag. This can range from matching the exterior color of your bag to being a contrasting hue altogether.

Some people prefer to have their initials embroidered on the inside lining as well, which adds a personal touch. 

Keep in mind that the interior colors of Louis Vuitton bags can vary slightly from one style to another. So if you're looking for an exact match, it's best to consult with a sales associate or refer to photos online before making your purchase.

How Do You Read a Louis Vuitton Serial Number?

Louis Vuitton products always have a serial number stamped somewhere on them. This number can be found on various parts of the bag depending on its style. 

For example, it may be located on a leather tag inside the bag or embossed directly onto the exterior leather. You can usually find it near where the "Louis Vuitton" stamp is located. The first two letters of a Louis Vuitton serial number represent the country code in which the bag was made.
The next two numbers indicate when it was made - for instance, "15" would mean 2015 while "18" would refer to 2018. The final four characters are random and unique to each individual item. Here's an example of what a typical Louis Vuitton serial number looks like: SD1154 from this we can tell that:

  • The bag was made in Spain (SD) 
  • It was made in 2011 (11) 
  • And that it is one out of 1,154 bags produced that year with this particular combination of country code and manufacturing year.

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What Color is Louis Vuitton Stitching? 

The color of stitching on a Louis Vuitton piece can vary depending on the specific item and its intended use. 

For example, the monogram canvas line features beige threading, while the Damier Ebene line has contrasting black and white stitching. Other lines, such as the Epi leather collection, boast colorful options like electric blue or fuchsia.

Ultimately, it is up to the customer to choose which shade of thread they would like for their Louis Vuitton product.

How to Tell If a Checkered Louis Vuitton is Real? 

As anyone who has ever been duped by a fake will know, it is important to be able to tell the difference between a genuine Louis Vuitton handbag and a knock-off. 

How to Tell If a Checkered Louis Vuitton is Real

With that in mind, here are some tips to help you spot a fake Checkered Louis Vuitton:

  1. Check the material. Genuine Louis Vuitton handbags are made from high-quality materials, so if the bag you are looking at is made from cheap-looking materials, it is likely to be a fake.
  2. Examine the stitching. Louis Vuitton handbags are known for their excellent craftsmanship, so if the stitching on the bag you are looking at is sloppy or uneven, it is probably a fake.
  3. Inspect the hardware. Again, Louis Vuitton uses only high-quality hardware on their handbags, so if the hardware on the bag you are looking at is flimsy or poorly made, it is most likely a fake.
  4. Check the label. A genuine Louis Vuitton handbag will have a label that reads “Louis Vuitton” in all capital letters. If the label reads “LV” or “Luis Vuitton,” it is definitely a fake.
  5. Look for a serial number. All Louis Vuitton handbags have a serial number that should be located on the inside of the bag near the label. If there is no serial number, or if the serial number does not match the one on the Louis Vuitton website, then it is almost certainly a fake.
  6. Use your common sense! If something about the bag seems “off” to you, trust your gut and don’t buy it. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to designer handbags!

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Final Thoughts

Louis Vuitton is a luxurious and high-end brand that offers beautiful and timeless jewelry pieces. When purchasing Louis Vuitton necklaces, it is important to be vigilant and make sure that you are getting a real and authentic piece. 

There are several things that you can look for when assessing a Louis Vuitton necklace, such as the material, stamping, weight, packaging, and price. 

By taking these factors into consideration, you can be confident that you are making a wise investment in a quality piece of jewelry.

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