What is a Cartouche Necklace?

A cartouche necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that has been popular for centuries. It is usually made of gold or silver and can be adorned with diamonds, pearls, or other precious stones.

The cartouche itself is an oval-shaped pendant that often has the name of a pharaoh or other important figure inscribed on it.

A cartouche is an oval or oblong design with a slightly flared bottom, used as an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic seal.

In ancient times, it was used to mark documents and belongings of royalty and nobility. Today, the cartouche is more commonly seen as a symbol of protection and good luck.

What is a Cartouche And Why is It Used?

A cartouche is an oval or oblong design with a slightly inward-curving sides, typically used as an ornamental framing device for a name, title, or inscription. The word "cartouche" comes from the Italian cartoccio, meaning "a little roll of paper."

What is a Cartouche And Why is It Used

Cartouches were first used in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs as a way to surround the names of powerful figures such as pharaohs.

This practice continued in other cultures that used hieroglyphs, such as the Maya. In the Middle Ages, European heraldry made use of similar devices to surround the coats of arms of noble families.

Today, cartouches are still sometimes used for decorative purposes, particularly in architecture and graphic design.

They can also be found on jewelry and other objects meant to convey a sense of luxury or sophistication.

What Does a Cartouche Tell About a Person?

A cartouche is an oval or oblong design with a slightly convex surface, typically encircling the name of an Egyptian pharaoh. They first appeared during the early Dynastic Period (c. 3100-2686 BCE) on seals and then became more prominent on tomb walls and other monuments.

The word 'cartouche' is derived from Italian cartoccio and French cartouche, both meaning "rolling paper", referring to the way in which the papyrus was rolled up to create a scroll.

What Does a Cartouche Tell About a Person

The earliest known examples of cartouches date to the reign of Djet (also called Wadj), third king of the First Dynasty (c. 2920-2770 BCE). His name appears within a serekh, which is a rectangular frame with slanted sides that represents the royal palace.

This type of depiction would eventually evolve into the oval or oblong shape associated with the cartouche. The serekh was often surmounted by a falcon, representing Horus, patron deity of kingship, but other animals could also be shown.

The falcon perching atop Djet's serekh may indicate that he saw himself as chosen by Horus or simply reflect his belief that he ruled by divine right as did all pharaohs who followed him in office.

Djet's successor, Hotepsekhemwy (ruled c. 2770-2650 BCE) used two different versions of his own name in inscriptions: one inside a serekh and one inside what Egyptologists call a 'false door', looking very much like a miniature version of a tomb entranceway complete with jambs and lintel.

It may be that false doors were developed from earlier depictions of serekhs since they serve essentially the same purpose: identifying the individual for whom they were made so that he might receive offerings in eternity just as he had while alive.

In either case - serekhs or false doors names written in cartouches enjoyed special protection from harm because they represented not only an individual but also their connection to Osiris through their funerary cult after death.

Damaging such an inscription was tantamount to harming Osiris himself which no one would have dared do lest they incur his wrath in this life and/or afterlife.

Can I Wear a Cartouche?

A cartouche is a loop of rope or cord with an ornamental knot, used to secure the end of a boat line or fasten a garment. It can also refer to an oval or oblong design enclosing hieroglyphic characters. So, can you wear a cartouche?

Well, it depends on what you mean by "wear." If you're simply asking if it's possible to put a cartouche around your neck as jewelry, then yes, of course! Many people do just that.

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However, if you're asking if it's appropriate to wear a cartouche as part of Ancient Egyptian-themed costume or role-play, then the answer is probably not.

Cartouches were not commonly worn by everyday Egyptians they were more likely to be seen on royalty and nobility. So unless you're dressing up as Cleopatra or some other ancient Egyptian queen/princess, it's probably best to steer clear of wearing one.

Personalised Cartouche Necklace

A cartouche is an oval or oblong design with a name, word, or phrase inside it. Cartouches were popular in ancient Egypt and are often seen in hieroglyphics. They've also become a popular symbol in modern times.

A personalised cartouche necklace is a beautiful and unique way to show off your name, initials, or a special word or phrase that holds meaning for you.

These necklaces are handcrafted from sterling silver, 14k gold, or rose gold, and can be customised with the text of your choice. Whether you're looking for a personalized gift for someone special or a stylish accessory for yourself, a personalised cartouche necklace is sure to make a lasting impression.

Cartouche Necklace Silver

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The cartouche necklace is made of sterling silver and hangs from a delicate chain. The pendant measures approximately 1 inch in diameter. The perfect gift for someone who loves history or has a fascination with ancient cultures!

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A cartouche necklace is an Egyptian-inspired piece of jewelry that features a oval or rectangular pendant with hieroglyphics on it. The hieroglyphics spell out the name of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh or queen. Cartouche necklaces are often made of gold or silver and can be worn as a statement piece or as part of a more elaborate costume.

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